Launch of the MOSAIC Maghreb Technology Platform. Faculty of Sciences, Rabat, Morocco

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In recent years, we are witnessing a phenomena of skills clustering and an unprecedented creation of centers of excellence. The Technology Platforms meet these same goals. They play a very important role in Europe in advising, driving and defining strategic priorities in terms of research, development and innovation for the coming years. They participate in the implementation of the SRIAs in short, medium and long term which inspires the European Commission to plan its priority programs. These strategic agendas identify technological programs with real economic and social impact to be developed for the next 20 years.

The main objective of MOSAIC project is the creation of two Technology Platforms (TP) in two regions of the Mediterranean area: a TP-called MOSAIC MAGHREB ICTP covering the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) and another called MOSAIC-MASHREK ICTP covering the Mashrek countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria). MOSAIC focuses on Information and Communication Technology (commonly called ICT), and how ICT can support common societal challenges to the EU-MED as health and wellbeing, food and agriculture, clean energy, transportation and risk management for critical issues such as climate, environment and security of societies.

This conference aims to be a privileged place to exchange ideas and strengthen dialogue between academics and entrepreneurs, and between Maghrebians and Europeans on key issues of research, development and innovation and, to establish working groups around common themes such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Smart Cities, Smart Systems and ICT applied to Health, Environment, Energy, etc.

The main objective of this conference is the official launch of the MOSAIC MAGHREB ICT Technology Platform.